about mollzahn.com

This private website was created by:

Timo Mollzahn

Some annotations and technical information about my web pages:


All html-files have been created with a simple editor and have been checked for best appearance with Netscape 7.1 and Mozilla Firebird. Since I try to use only tags conforming HTML 4.0, other recent browsers should also be able to show these pages correctly. The width of your browser window is supposed to be about 800 pixels.
The following components should be supported by your browser:
  •   html - pages
  •   gif - graphics
  •   png - graphics
  •   jpeg - pictures
  •   css - stylesheets
  •   javascript

Frames and cookies are intentionally not used.
As a reference for programming web pages I recommand SelfHTML* by Stefan Münz. To crate the graphics and to prepare the pictures I utilize Micrografx Picture Publisher.


My web pages on mollzahn.de, mollzahn.com and tmtv.org are hosted by the german provider Strato*. I subscribed to a power-web package that contains following features:
  •   registration of the domains
  •   webspace with ftp-access for upload
  •   POP3 e-mail accounts
  •   worldwide web-messaging
  •   some cgi-scripts (counter, mail-form etc.)
  •   statistics and logfiles
This package might be a little bit oversized for such a private homepage, but you'll never know...


All linked external pages are not part of my website. I have no influence on the content of those pages, therefore only the respective authors are responsible for their content. This disclaimer is effective for all available links on my homepage.

Some links are supported by logos or icons. The copyright of these images is owned by the respective owners of the linked websites. If you as an owner of such an icon disagree with this usage, please inform me by e-mail, in this case I will remove the icon and the link upon your request.

If in your opinion the content of any of my pages violates legal law in any way, please send me an e-mail. Thanks a lot.

* links marked with a star are available in German only

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