about me

Timo and the Grand Canyon

degree: Dipl.-Ing. (comparable to M.S.E.E)
name: Timo Mollzahn
date of birth: August 17th, 1975
place of birth: Hannover

June 1994: graduation* at Gymnasium Lehrte* (high school)
July 1994 - June 1995: compulsory military service
Oct 1995 - Sep 2001: Technical University at Braunschweig (college)

subject: electrical engineering
major: communications
duration: 11 semesters
technical fields of intrest: digital tv, telecommunication and mobile communication

April - May 1990: local radio station radio ffn* (sound and studio engineering)
July - September 1995: Deutsche Telekom AG (education center Braunschweig)
October - December 1998: Komatsu Ltd. Japan (Opto-Electronics Dep. and Research Div.)
January - March 1999: Rohde & Schwarz (Broadcasting Division, Munich)

Favorite Ways To Spend My Time
Friends, food and travel,
my Keller, laze around at a lake nearby, swimming and bike-riding

Favorite Restaurants
Steakhouse El Gaucho (Wendenring 1, D-38114 Braunschweig, Tel. +49-531-342884)
Japanese Sushi Restaurant (Podbielskistraße 14, D-30163 Hannover, Tel. +49-511-661188)

Favorite Toys
my Volkswagen Golf 4 TDI
my Nokia 6310i
all my remote controls

Favorite ...
red, black, green, blue
Coke, wheet beer*, Baileys, ...
Faith no more, Garbage, Christina Aguilera, KLF*, ...
radio stations:
planet*, N-Joy*, big FM*, ...
TV Shows:
Bullyparade*, Harald Schmidt Show*, ...

to be continued...

* links marked with a star are available in German only

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