Party Pictures

A selection of pictures is available for the following parties:

2003-08-17 Birthday-Party Timo*
August 17th, 2003

2002-12-31 New Year's Eve*
December 31st, 2002

2002-02-01 Keller Farewell Party
February 1st, 2002

2001-12-31 New Year's Eve*
December 31st, 2001

2001-08-18 Birthday-Party Timo*
August 18th, 2001

2000-08-19 Birthday-Party Timo*
August 19th, 2000

1999-12-31 New Year's Eve*
December 31st, 1999

1998-08-22 Birthday-Party Timo*
August 22nd, 1998
1997-10-11 my PreExam-Party*
October 11th, 1997
1997-08-16 Birthday-Party Steffen and Timo*
August 16th, 1997
1996-12-31 New Year's Eve*
December 31st, 1996

There is a picture overview for each party. By clicking on a small picture of this selection you can enlarge it. By clicking the arrows at the bottom you can directly navigate between those pictures. The overview pages are available in German only, but there is almost no text anyway.

All pictures are compressed, for that reason quality might be not really perfect...

* links marked with a star are available in German only

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