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Wolcome to the official Keller-homepage.

Probably you have never been to my Keller, so let me explain what this place is all about: Actually Keller is the German word for basement. Indeed, we are talking about a party-room located in the basement of my parent's house. Because they didn't use this room very often, my friends and I took the chance and started to meet there. I moved my technical equipment to the Keller, because there was more space. There were some big parties, too. Our occasional meetings became a habit in the late years of our high-school time. There was no other place like this.
These days, we still meet there sometimes. Not that often and with less people than before, but we still manage to meet, although we are spreaded to different colleges and companies at different cities now. My Keller became something like a meeting-point, TV room or an event place.

The guests-page is dedicated to those who visited the Keller most often, you can see pictures and short profiles of us. Kind of useless is the statistic about drinks, the top ten visitor's most popular drinks of last month.
Keller-guests can exclusively check the schedule for the next meetings and other events in our region, therefore this section is password-protected, sorry.

If you don't belong to our Keller-community you have to be satisfied with the party-section. Because some of those parties took place in the Keller, maybe you can picture out what it's like there...
Anyway, enjoy it!

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